CFSAF Hails President Obama’s Signing of National Biotech Disclosure Law

June 29, 2016

The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food (CFSAF) commended President Barack Obama today for signing into law historic legislation that will protect family farmers and small businesses from the severe impacts of disparaging state labeling laws and provide consumers with a nationwide transparent food disclosure system for genetically engineered ingredients.

The bill, which includes federal preemption of GMO state labeling, passed earlier this month with broad bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House, and goes into effect immediately upon President Obama’s signature.

“We are very pleased that President Obama has signed this vitally important legislation into law, creating a sensible disclosure standard that is transparent and consistent across all 50 states,” said Pamela G. Bailey, President and CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and CFSAF co-chair. “Over the last two years, our growing coalition of agriculture and food groups from farm to fork has proven to be a strong and effective advocate before policymakers on this issue.”

“As Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts has observed, America’s food producing community has never been more united behind an issue,” said Charles F. Conner, CFSAF co-chair and President and CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives.  “As this law enters the rule-making process at USDA, the same farm to fork coalition that helped get this bill enacted into law will work to ensure that implementation is squarely in line with Congressional intent and in a manner that best serves consumers, farmers and food companies.”

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